Tuesday, 7 April 2009

More different crafts......

OK Mrs Sausage I'll update my blog ( you know who you are!) I don't get much of a chance to get on the computer when the kids are on school hols, even the 2 year old asking to look at You tube! Not much chance of crafting either but have done a bit the last week or so I could share. I had a go at sewing & made a pump bag for my 8 year old from some jeans I got in a charity shop. May not be impressive to you sewers out there but for me whose hubby usually has to sew his own buttons on & this was my 1st attempt I was impressed!I also had a go at altering a charity shop skirt but just don't mention that one!

Still experimenting with felting & had a go at needle felting these flowers 


          Still having a go at candles following a recipe from a book. Now I've got them to look all nice but didn't really bother to follow (or actually understand) the instructions about wicks so although they look & smell very nice they don't actually burn properly!

I have got premises now! My own little cabin at a permanent craft market. I have just taken on a months rent to see how it goes for now & if any good I will rent it full time. I move in on 18th April so hope it goes well!