Friday, 7 August 2009

The Great Escape!

The lovely Sarah of Photo Fairytales used my hubby Dean for one of her delightful images on her website. Check him out & have a look at the wonderful other gift ideas, I think they would make terrific personalised birthday gifts for someone, isn't she talented!

Busy times & holidays!

I know I've been a bad blogger recently & not been posting very often, I do try to read everyone elses though! I had a really busy time a few weeks ago as I have some suppliers of my recycled bead jewellery & had a job keeping up for a time which is a good thing business wise but I didnt have a lot of time for anything else. The first supplier is Planet Trash who have a lovely range of eco friendly & recycyled goodies.

We also went on holiday the 1st week of the school holidays to the Lake District. We were quite lucky weather wise as we didnt get that much rain & had some lovely trips out. The boys loved the Laurel & Hardy museum & have been watching DVD's of them ever since!

Been trying to keep them all busy for the rest of the holidays what with the miserable weather so thats another reason for my lack of inetrnet presence as I am nagged to play as soon as I switch the laptop on! They are out with their grandparents today hence I am able to blog! Hope you are all enjoying the holidays too........