Monday, 29 September 2008

Ironbridge Festival 2008

Well Saturdays craft stall at the Ironbridge Festival proved to be very successful, despite my stall being under the trees so I was in the shade all day on a beautiful sunny day. If I had a pound for every passer-by who commented how chilly it was there out of the sun I would have made another few hundred quid! I was SOooo cold all day! Never mind, I had a very good day with lots of sales & a few commissions come from people taking my cards so I can't complain! I had lots of lovely positive comments from people about my work & it has given me ideas of different things to try, I am trying to find some more local craft fairs to attend now to show some of my newly planned designs. I had given myself a couple of days of making things but back to the drawing board this evening!..........

I had planned to take the camera to get some nice pictures of the stall but of course forgot it! I got hubby Dean to take a pic on his mobile phone quickly before he left as he only came to help me set up the gazebo and I had only just started setting up at that point which is why it looks so bare!

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Well this will be my first go at posting so I hope I'm doing it right! I should really be getting on with my preparation for Saturdays craft fair at the Ironbridge World Heritage Festival in Telford (quick plug there!!) Have been busy making making pieces over the last few weeks in preparation as well as completing some orders for friends. I always worry that I wont have enough stock but I think I am well prepared! I finished an ususual charm bracelet last night, well unusual for me as I usually use lots of pinks & girly colours & you can see that pink it aint! The rest of the family love it so we'll see how it goes!