Thursday, 21 May 2009

Baby Gift Baskets

I have added baby gift baskets to my MISI store. The pic here is for a boy & contains a fleecy spotty blanket, hooded cuddle & dry towl, 3 vests, 3 pairs socks, 3 bibs, Johnsons baby shampoo, Johnsons baby wipes, 8 Pampers nappies & a pair of bootees. In a cotton lined wicker basket & wrapped in cellophane with ribbons & a gift card. 

I'm going to make them to order (hoping I get an order that is!) in blue, white & neutral beige/lemon.

Whaddya think then? I though they would make great practical gifts as I like to give practical gifts rather than the usual 'cute outfit' that you get so many of they cant all  fit in the wardrobe! I wouldn't like to give a new Mum a pile of vests & socks etc though but it looks so pretty this way I would love to give & recieve this as a gift. Well I think so anyway!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Fair Time

I've been really busy the past few weeks with a craft fair at Hatton Country World & my chalet I have taken on for a month at a local craft market. Still working on my display in the cabin as looks a bit bare inside & I need to make more bits to put on the shelves inside, went to a car boot sale yesterday & got some nice wicker display units that I have sprayed
 white & want to put a table outside to put more on. I may make it a more long term thing its just having the commitment to be there every Saturday, perhaps I shall have to employ staff! I did think of asking an other local crafters if they wanted me to stock their things in return for them helping me out occasionally, just a thought. Theres still some more crafts I want to try out. I saw some lovely knitted cakes at a fair recently & with my very limited knitted skills fancy having a go. I also want to try paper mache boxes but I cant find any instructions on how to make one from scratch, only about covering ready made boxes. 

The Hatton fair went well, especially my felted scarves that sold out & people wanting different colours that I didnt have, also sold some of my candles but not so much in the way of jewellery, I think there is perhaps too much competition at fairs from jewellery sellers so just as well I want to try all these different things!