Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Recycling Time

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We've all been struck down with a sickness bug the past few days so not managed to get much done but I have been making up some jewellery with some beads I made from recyled paper They have come out OK, the beads are nice & sturdy as they have several coats of varnish so it can be worn out in the rain! Heres some pics, what do you think? I've put them on my website & MISI site.


Buffy said...

those are amazing!
They look ceramic!

The colours are incredible,how well they have come together!

I would be very impressed with myself if I achieved that!

Sorry about the bug x x same here :S at least the kids do share ;)

x x x x

Buffy said...

Me again :D

I got a fabulous blog award and have chosen to offer it to you too for your fabulous blog x x

Fabulous Blog Award

~Buffy x x