Monday, 6 October 2008

Fun With Fimo!

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Well I've had a busy week of making with my orders from last weeks craft fair. Not done as much as I'd hoped as still awaiting bits through the post. There aren't any beads shops near me so I get everything at bead fairs or on the internet & it's annoying when you have to wait ages for them to arrive. Well 3 days seems like ages anyway! A few people had reccommended 'The Range' at Kidderminster for crafty bits so I drove down there on Saturday. It was a fantastic shop for crafts but not very good for jewellery. I still spent ages in there & come away with some Fimo polymer clay as I've always fancies having a go at making my own beads. I had great fun with it, trying out millefiori and made the earrings pictured here. I also did a pendant & a bracelet to match last night! I also experimented with these autumnal coloured beads.Hopefully postie will bring me my awaited goodies today!............

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Buffy said...

Ah the orange beads are so lovely!
~Buffy x x